A Day of Up and Downs

What a day… we were going out in the caravan today… so I changed the wheel, put on the replacement jockey wheel (salvaged from the old caravan) and got the thing dragged out ready to go… sadly the off side wheel had decided to not turn again… so much hitting with a hammer continued, but it became obvious that it wasn’t going to budge. It would turn backwards (as they should) and as I turned it, it sounded like there was a spring loose in there.

So I got it parked up and headed out for a day out to Sumburgh (right at the South end of the Island) the puffins are starting to return, there weren’t a huge number but we got to see some…

Now I learned something today, that I had not known… Puffins can shoot their crap about 4x their body length!

I also managed to get a shot of my favourite summer visitor… the great Skua.

Funnily enough four of them came low over the house this morning and got attacked by every ground nesting bird in a 500m radius. I have seen one over the house in the 12 years I have been here so four was pretty impressive.

Sea bird colonies can be a little on the loud side…

So as we were meant to be ‘camping’ we were going to get fish and chips for dinner. We dropped into town and purchased them and went up to the farm to get the horse in… on the way back down the hill the bloody clutch went on the car… so we needed the AA to come and rescue us… on the up side we had fish and chips to eat…on the down side I told the staff not to bother putting any salt and vinegar on as I was taking them home to eat…

To be honest I am being pretty Zen about it all… yeah the clutch going was a right bugger, but it could have gone at any time at any point along the journey to or from the south end. It could have gone with a caravan on, on one of the single track roads.. so yeah I have been going Ommmmmm lots today and raking gravel into pleasing patterns… well maybe not. I am not sure how much a RAV4 clutch will cost, but I don’t reckon it will be cheap.

The one thing you notice a lot up here is how much lichen you get due to the clean air…

So here we have a gratuitous shot of A Puffin again…this was taken over the wall with all the lichen.

There are plenty of seabirds about, the summer visitors are all starting to return…

From what I remember these are the guillemots and razorbills.

If you want to watch from the comfort of your arm chair then the cliff cam is now operational …https://www.shetlandwebcams.com/puffincam/


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